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Storytime & Wine: Negotiation + Influential Leadership

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How would your life change if you knew exactly how to ask for what you want? Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation (PON) recently published an article about the importance of negotiation in business and career. Join Deftable, LLC's founder, Dr. Zitty Nxumalo, for a power packed 2-hour conversation about negotiation and influential leadership. This storytime will feature the Institute of Supply Management Carolinas-Virginia (ISM-CV) Board Chair G’Sean Williams, CPSM.

Whether a corporate buyer, small business entrepreneur or franchise owner, negotiating with managers, vendors and/or colleagues is an aspect of professional growth that isn’t always taught, but rather learned through challenges on the job. Here’s where we can help!! Learning the art of negotiation and how YOUR individual negotiation style can help you avoid many costly mistakes and chaotic relationships in business and family life. Learn how to not only survive... but thrive!

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